In February 2018, for ten days, spectacular light and sound installations as well as a range of exciting, interactive and vibrant activities will fill Helsingborg during DRÖMLJUS light festival.

Drömljus is initiated to give the people of Helsingborg a reason to gather, spread joy and to experience the magical aspects of the town coming alive and be illuminated the February darkness

International, national, regional and local light artists and designers are contributing with various works and installations. Using cutting-edge technology, the installations will create alluring spaces throughout the entire central parts of the city, from Furutorpsplatsen in the south to St Jörgens plats in the north. Among the art works that really stand out are Marie-Jeanne Gauthé’s projection on the south façade of the City Hall and Skullmapping’s playful, intimate and interactive installations.

The aim and goal with DRÖMLJUS is to create an event and experience that reaches further than just static light installations by creating something truly memorable and something that appeals to all of our senses for all ages and genders.

Drömljus is free to attend for everyone. The whole project is based and developed on the apects of accessibility, social safety and sustainability. About a third of the installations are permanent and are integrated into the city’s continued work on safety and accessibility.

Drömljus has been developed in close cooperation with citizens, property owners, businesses and associations and some of the spectacular installations will continue to live on in the city after Drömljus has ended.

Drömljus will take place on 9-18 February 2018, 6 pm-10 pm.

Drömljus Workshops

Var med i Drömljus-Paraden

Drömljus seminarium

Drömljus behind the scenes